Trent Wood and Chris Faulkner

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In this video you will hear...

1.10 - How Trent and Chris got started and the different companies they formed.
3.45 - The change they made that really accelerated and grew their business.
5.45 - The reason they selected their first property deal.
6.50 - The main differentiator they need for choosing their properties.
9.40 - At what point they decided to branch out with other companies.
11.30 - Why starting a property management company was the logical next step.
11.50 - How they found and hired the best possible candidate.
13.27 - Why they started a construction services company and how it became more profitable than expected.
16.25 - How much they saving by doing things in-house.
19.35 - This is one of the major growth engines for the company.
21.20 - Where they find their investors.
22.55 - Their process of hiring in a tight labor market.
26.10 - How they sustain their high level of growth.
27.33 - How to manage a downturn in the market.
29.35 - When is the right time to buy and how do they choose their properties.
33.00 - Buying property that fits the population market.
35.20 - What they would have done differently.