Where Millionaires Discover the “Secrets to Next Level Success” 

The Wealth Creators Network helps high earners, entrepreneurs and senior executives get to the next level through adopting the growth strategies and decision making tactics of the brightest minds across business and industry.

The higher you get the harder the decisions you have to make.

Whether it's knowing where to invest your money, who to partner with or whether to go through with a business deal, every decision takes on more complexity and risk at the top.

So where can high earners, entrepreneurs, and senior executives go for answers?

It’s a question that’s long fascinated me.

And one I’ve finally found an answer to.

Understanding How Perennial Winners Think

My name is Mark Casey.

As a former Regional Managing Director for The Private Bank & Investment Group at Merrill Lynch, I’ve spent my career around ultra high net worth clients, industrial big hitters and perennial winners of the business world.

People who have to make huge decisions daily. Decisions that can decide between meteoric growth and record setting profits or thousands of job losses and businesses going bankrupt.

I've always been eager to learn the secrets of how these people make the RIGHT decisions at the highest stakes possible, and how their knowledge can be shared with the next generation of business leaders.

Addressing the Challenges Millionaires Face

So I reached out to my network of leading banking executives, tech entrepreneurs and self-made billionaires. People who don't take time out of their busy schedule to speak to ANYONE they don’t consider at their level.

I then got them on video to share their insights on how they make big decisions, and the strategies and systems on which they built their success. Information people will willingly pay thousands of dollars to gain at exclusive seminars or mastermind retreats, because they know a single golden nugget will more than cover the airfare.

The good news is you don’t have to book a swanky hotel or travel to far-flung places to hear the insights of these elite thinkers and relentlessly successful people.

You can have access to the entire library when you become a member of The Wealth Creators Network: Where millionaires learn the secrets of billionaires to help them obtain their next level of success.

Exclusive Interview with Founder of T.G.I. Fridays and Serial Entrepreneur Jack Pratt

In this interview, recorded exclusively for the Wealth Creators Network, lifelong entrepreneur Jack Pratt reveals the decisions that took him from selling puppies on street corners to launching billion dollar retail and hotel enterprises, including The Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

  • A trick for fast tracking your knowledge so you can safely invest in businesses you have ZERO experience in.
  • How to launch a profitable new venture EVEN in the middle of a depression.
  • What living on an army base in Korea taught him about turning unfulfilled DEMAND into profitable new businesses.
  • Why to always have 2-4 businesses running at once, and how to know when it's time to kill some of them off.
  • How he won a contract to launch a hotel chain in Mexico despite not speaking a word of Spanish and against LARGER competition.
  • The 2 BIGGEST factors in choosing partners you can trust (and why being a family member isn’t one of them)
  • The #1 trait he looks for in entrepreneurs (Hint - it’s not book smarts).

More Interviews


Founder of T.G.I. Fridays and Serial Entrepreneur

How he started from selling puppies on the street to billion dollar retail and hotel enterprises.


CEO, MD America Energy and Entrepreneur of the Year nominee

How he made his company thrive, in good times, and even in a down market.


CAF Companies

Why they formed three new companies to compliment their real estate company.


CEO, Solovis and Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee

Why finding a need, then filling that need has been a major factor in their success.

What Is The Wealth Creators Network

"Successful people surround themselves with other successful people"

24/7 Access to Exclusive Interviews with Billionaires and High Net Worth Business Owners - Gain priceless insights from elite decision makers in the world of tech, banking, and industry on making big decisions, growth strategies, and systems on which to build success.

Get Your Questions Answered - Join LIVE online Q&A sessions with our interviewees to get your questions answered on what it takes to perform at the highest level.

Join Others In Our Private Network Group - Collaborate with the brightest and best across multiple industries. Take part in high level discussions, connect, collaborate, and form profitable new partnerships, without the noise or low ballers of free groups

Mastermind Groups - This is your opportunity to collaborate with the brightest business owners, entrepreneurs and senior executives.  Mastermind members share what strategies are working in their business, offer advice and help with the challenges you might be facing in your business.

Meet Mark Casey

For over two and a half decades, Mark Casey has been in leadership roles in multiple wealth management businesses. This includes those managing the funds of ultra high net worth, private banking and investment groups.

As a former Regional Managing Director for The Private Bank & Investment Group at Merrill Lynch, Mark worked with clientele with a minimum of $10,000,000 of investable assets to well over a billion dollars.

This position gave him a unique insight into the mindset of wealth creators, on how they think, and how they approach the creation of wealth. He has witnessed firsthand the extraordinary traits and personalities of people operating in this exclusive group.

To help more people benefit from the insights they have to share, Mark has interviewed these successful entrepreneurs to reveal how extraordinary wealth is created. In these interviews, he asks them to discuss their strengths and weaknesses, their growth strategies, and the keys to making big decisions at high stakes.

The result is that the next generation of millionaires and wealth creators gain a path forward that can assist them in developing a framework and roadmap to achieving similar high levels of success.

They say

"I have known and worked with Mark for over two decades in the High Net Worth Wealth Management business. Over the many years he has proven over the years to have an extremely keen insight into the minds of the Ultra High Net Worth, especially entrepreneurs."

Tom Owens - Former Executive V.P Wealth Management Firm

"Having worked with Mark in the Ultra High Net Worth Market, he has a unique insight as to how these entrepreneur's incubate, grow and scale businesses. He is the perfect person to interview and expose the traits and methods that have built their success".

Melissa Transier - Priveate Wealth Advisor and Former Colleague

"I have known Mark for over a decade and know he understands the Ultra High Net Worth market and more importantly entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur myself, I know Mark understands what it takes for entrepreneurs of all types to become truly successful".

Pat Shelby - Founder, Texas Legacy Banks

What Can the Wealth Creators Network Do For You?


Gain Proven Strategies For Growth

One of the biggest challenges for any business is knowing how to scale.  Tapping into the Wealth Creators Network gives you access to the people, insights and resources for scaling any kind of business fast and at lower risk.


Collaboration and Mentorship

Practically every successful person has had help from some kind of mentor along the way.  Collaboration with our Mastermind groups work collectively to achieve more together.  You might find someone that is a perfect fit for your needs.  Share your ideas and challenges with your mastermind group.  The power of brainstorming will put you on track and give you actionable plans to overcome your challenges.


Extend Your Network

Those successful in business know how important their network is.  The Wealth Creators Network instantly expands your network exponentially with other like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners.  


Improve Your Decision Making

Develop a deeper understanding of how people who’ve grown billion dollar enterprises make decisions, and make more of your future decisions the correct ones.


Learn From Experts at Your Level

After every interview we hold online Q&A's our members can join live. You also get 24/7 access to our complete archive of video interviews at your disposal.  It's like a treasure trove of advice right at your fingertips.


Expand Your Horizons

Being part of The Wealth Creators Network, and surrounded by highly successful people, will help you think bigger and stretch your boundaries.  You will start to set higher goals and have the resources on hand to help you achieve them.


Support When You Need It

Once you are part of the Wealth Creators Network, you will no longer be alone.  Other members turn into advisers and mentors.  Businesses in different industries often have overlapping areas of interest.  Members will most likely find areas of synergy and have the ability to network with other successful businesses.

Why the Wealth Creators Network?

This is a unique opportunity to join a community of your peers of the top 1 percent of income earners.  We are a network of high achieving, business owners, entrepreneurs and senior executives who share their experiences and perspectives to help you become a better leader, make better decisions and achieve better results.

Become a Free Member

We conduct new interviews every couple of weeks.  Free members have access to the highlight videos of all new interviews.

We also produce highlight videos of all the live Q&A sessions we have with interviewees.  These are posted after the live Q&A.  Free Members have access to all of the highlight Q&A sessions.

These interviews are of highly successful entrepreneurs, business owners and senior executives who expose to you, first hand, how their extraordinary wealth was created. We will discuss their strengths and weaknesses to assist you in developing a framework and roadway to find your own successful path.

It's like having a treasure trove of advice right at your finger tips that you can tap into to help with the challenges you face in your business.

Become a Premium Member

Premium membership is by invitation only.  Our members are, owners, founders and senior executives of company's with at least $1 million in revenue.

Premium members have 24/7 access to our entire library of interviews, plus access to live online Q&A sessions with the interviewees.

Network with other members in our exclusive virtual community where you can stay connected, collaborate with others and find business opportunities across multiple industries.

Only Premium Members will receive invitations to our special events, retreats and meetings.  These events are designed to fill the needs of our members with mastermind groups, guest speakers and brainstorming forums where exponential thinking can solve your challenges.

Frequently Asked questions

Who should join the Wealth Creators Network?

Wealth Creators is a network created for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and high net worth individuals with an income of $1-10 million. People who don't need a 100 new idea, but instead, need information, advice, and support from people at their level, whose opinions they can trust.

For this reason, The Wealth Creators Network's private Facebook group and masterminds provide uniquely high level discussions, high quality connections, and rare opportunities to collaborate with high achievers at the top of their game.

I’m already in other network and mastermind groups. Why should I join Wealth Creators?

Many business networking and mastermind groups target their membership at a large segment. The quality of the information and collaboration opportunities can be diluted as a result. Whereas The Wealth Creators Network is designed purely for people operating at the highest level. 

As Regional Managing Director for Merrill Lynch, our founder Mark Casey spent his career around industrial magnates, high net worth investors, and billionaire entrepreneurs. The Wealth Creators Network gives you access to their insights, wealth creation secrets, and business growth strategies. Insights you won’t easily find in any other network or mastermind group. 

Our mastermind events are also invite only. We only admit people passing our stringent standards of accomplishment in their field. So you can be assured that the knowledge sharing, collaboration, and growth opportunities are of premium quality.

What are the membership options?

The Wealth Creators Network offers three tiers of membership.

Tier one is to register for free access to our library of short highlights of Mark’s interview videos. This will give you an insight into the valuable advice and information our interviews reveal. Information only the biggest names in business, tech and industry can share.

Then when you're ready to step up and gain access to the full interviews along with everything else The Wealth Creators Network has to offer, you can upgrade to tier two: Premium Membership at $699 per year. 

Premium Membership gives you full access to our archive of interviews, the ability to join live Q&As with our interviewees, and access to our private networking group.

Finally, the third tier is to join our exclusive Wealth Creators Mastermind group. This third tier is by invite only to ensure the quality of the information and connections stay high. Access to such an exclusive group requires a significant investment. Yet our members can expect to recoup their membership fee many times over from the quality of the connections and the exceptional growth opportunities the group provides.