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In this video you will hear...

0.30 - About MST Solutions

3.29 - What motivated him to leave a secure position to start MST Solutions

5.24 - How he came up with the idea for MST Solutions

6.30 - How he started MST Solutions from scratch

8.11 - How he got his first customer and built from there

11.18 - Sales and marketing were his biggest challenges and how he overcame them

12.50 - His first hires and why he chose them

14.25 - Why he chose not get funding to start up and hasn’t needed funding since

16.54 - How he managed the challenge of scaling

18.35 - How he drove the demand to create new customers

21.00 - How he identifies and recruits top talent to MST Technologies

22.50 - What his biggest challenges are going forward

24.55 - Why his company culture is built around Customer, Colleague and Community

28.54 - The help and mentors he has had along the way

30.30 - What advice he has for upcoming entrepreneurs