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In this video you will hear...

0.40 - All about Gameday Couture, LLC & Social House Boutique

4.00 - How they test the market to see if the consumer wants their style

6.38 - How Gameday Couture got started and how it exploded

8.55 - Why they self funded and didn’t need investors

9.26 - How they are continuing to scale now they have 200+ outlets

11.50 - How licensing and appearing on the Shark Tank fueled their growth

16.14 - Growth before and after Shark Tank

17.30 - How and why they applied to appear on Shark Tank

21.25 - How business scaled after making a deal with Mark Cuban and how they chose retail partners

23.40 - The lessons she has learned from Mark Cuban

28.20 - The move to eCommerce and how Social House Boutique with accessories came about and how it will generate more revenue than Gameday Couture in the next 18 months

30.25 - Challenges for scaling with manufacturing

31.35 - How they use social media to define their company and stay relevant

34.10 - Advice she has for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business

37.05 - Advice for female entrepreneurs