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In this video you will hear...

0.40 - All about JM Bullion

4.52 - How he pivoted from online marketing to precious metals

6.50 - How JM Bullion got started and how they got their first sales

8.40 - At what point they decided to raise money and how they found investors

10.30 - How they scaled revenue through digital marketing expertise

15.05 - Why a partnership with a wholesaler is critical for their supplies

16.10 - How they handle price fluctuations by hedging

18.40 - How JM Bullion is structured with management, the board, executives and employees

20.20 - How they plan to continue growth and scale

23.00 - How he identifies strategic acquisitions

25.35 - How mentors and organizations have helped along the way

27.10 - Advice to entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business