Merrilee Kick

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In this video you will hear...

0.40 - How Merrilee came up with the idea for Buzz Ballz

2.30 - How she turned the idea of Buzz Ballz into a reality

6.17 - How the first sale was made and why that didn’t turn out as expected

7.50 - What happened at a trade show that expanded Buzz Ballz into 15 new states

8.30 - Why Buzz Ballz chose to to manufacture their own product and not outsource it

9.55 - Why learning by mistakes helped the business

12.10 - Winning a taste test helped propel Buzz Ballz

13.25 - What exactly is Buzz Ballz and their products

17.50 - A look at their unique marketing strategy

18.45 - What they do to help retailers show Buzz Ballz in prominent store locations

22.30 - Why private labeling helps business revenue

24.02 - Advice to entrepreneurs looking to start up a business

25.30 - How the Covid-19 pandemic forced a pivot and helped create a new product

27.20 - Why being vertically integrated is critically important and helpful

30.20 - The biggest challenges they face for future growth