Lori Torres

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In this video you will hear...

0.40 - All about Parcel Pending

2.20 - How she came up with the idea for Parcel Pending

3.37 - How Parcel Pending got started

5.00 - How she sourced the technology for Parcel Pending

5.45 - How she got the first Parcel Pending locker installed

7.00 - Why she uses different payment models

7.45 - After the first installation, how they expanded from there

9.45 - How she raised money and investors and at why she didn’t do it to start the company

13.40 - After raising money, what she used it for

14.20 - How she scaled the business and developed sales and her executive team

16.50 - Why a second round of investment was needed to further scale and to scale quicker

18.50 - Why plans are important when growing and scaling

20.50 - The challenges she faced when scaling and how they overcame them

23.10 - How she managed 70% growth for four consecutive years

23.55 - The process of selling Parcel Pending for $100 million

28.18 - After selling Parcel Pending, how she is still achieving big growth as CEO

29.26 - The help and mentors she had along the way

31. 25 - Her advice for upcoming entrepreneurs