Levi King

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In this video you will hear...

1.10 - What is Nav?

3.48 - How did Nav get started

6.45 - What size businesses does Nav serve

8.03 - How and why Levi started and sold many small businesses earlier in his career

10.00 - How he went from zero to $3 million in less than two years with his first small business

12.11 - How he got into the hotel business...and why he sold it after just a year

13.50 - His marketing strategy during the first year of Nav

16.10 - How asking for rejected customers from other companies was a major source of revenue in the early stages

17.50 - Why hiring the right executives to run the company is critical

18.30 - How they approached working with venture capitalist to raise capital

23.50 - Best advice for how to raise capital

25.45 - Why he stepped down as CEO when they had $50 million in the bank

33.20 - Why embracing authenticity helps

33.52 - Mentors who had an impact in Levi’s life and career