Lara O'Connor Hodgson

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In this video you will hear...

1.00 - What is Now and how it got started

3.30 - How issues with her previous company gave her the idea for Now

4.27 - Advice she received that got Now off the ground and running

6.35 - A partnership with Coca Cola showed why Now was a need for small businesses

9.20 - How they moved from Beta to open the gates and fully launch

11.45 - How they got initial investors on board and why they resisted big venture capitalists

13.38 - Why it was important to find strategic investors

14.42 - Why they didn’t invest too much in marketing early on but are now ready to invest

16.48 - Their unique marketing strategy and why it’s different

18.48 - Why a lack of resources is preventing a new product and revenue source

21.04 - How she created two companies before Now

23.50 - Why she prefers a personal board of directors over a mentor

26.18 - Why the work/life balance is the wrong question