Kevin Carr

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In this video you will hear...

0.58 - All about Community Beer Company

1.56 - Why he pivoted from software to craft beer

4.14 - Why finding someone with experience in craft beer was one of his first priorities

7.40 - How he turned his idea into a fully fledged business

12.25  - How he decided on what markets to expand into

14.07 - The three pronged approach he took for acquiring investors and raising capital

18.07 - How they made their initial sales once the business got going

19.38 - Why he transitioned from self distribution to outsourcing distribution

23.15 - After having good growth, how he plans to scale from here

29.00 - Other revenue lines he has developed

31.30 - Why he sold one company to start a craft beer company

35.55 - The process he used, and how he found a buyer for his previous company

36.35 - Why he wished he had use more mentorship along the journey

38.05 - Why he created a philanthropic arm of the business

41.05 - The best advice he has for entrepreneurs