Juan Pablo Segura

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In this video you will hear...

1.06 - How  two bachelors ending up starting a company dealing with pregnancy

4.13 - What is Babyscripts and how does it work

6.46 - How they got started with building Babyscripts

9.10 - How networking helped them get a partnership with George Washington University

11.00 - How he transitioned from full time employment to moving full time with Babyscripts

12.20 - Finding the right management helped build the company

14.22 - How they took a basic product and used that to gain partnerships

15.44 - What they needed to do to be successful with fundraising and investors

17.12 - How they brought their product to market

19.25 - What the agreement was with their first round of angel investors

22.40 - Who they approached for investors and how they got in contact with them

26.11 - How they structure their board and why

29.07 - How they identify and build partnerships that drive their business

31.36 - How Babyscripts is structured...sales, research, product, management, etc.

35.06 - How they handled scale, growth and acquisitions

38.25 - Mentors and how they helped personally and grow the business

40.20 - Lessons learned and things he would have done differently