Josh Smith

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In this video you will hear...

1.45 - What is Solovis.
2.25 - How he got the idea to start Solovis.
3.50 - A technology idea that was a need in the market.
6.50 - How Josh figured out data reporting that others couldn't.
11.45 - Why 100% of all of his clients assets are rest on one single application.
12.48 - The challenges they face.
14.20 - Details of their web base application and how it deals with the biggest problem in the industry.
16.25 - How Solovis got started.
19.40 - How they raised capital to grow the business.
20.10 - What scaling the business entails.
23.40 - How they prepared for big contracts and growth.
26.05 - Client acquisition and how Solovis do it their way.
28.10 - Why hiring good people is the hardest thing they do and how they attract talent.
31.25 - Their successful strategy for hiring top talent.
33.45 - The next step for growth.
35.20 - The most important lessons learned.