Jayson Waller

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In this video you will hear...

1.30 - About Power Home Solar

3.12 - How his sales background helped him build two other startups prior to Power Home Solar

10.30 - How he went from working for big corporations to starting his own company

13.10 - How he got his first business off the ground

14.44 - How he build Power Home Solar and how the company is structured

18.15 - Why changing their marketing strategy gave them better control over growth

19.55 - Why using social media is a big part of their marketing and how they manage that

21.15 - How they turned advertising opportunities into partnerships 

23.35 - How they managed 3300% growth and what they are doing to continue growth

26.20 - Why employees are graded on an 80/20 scale

28.45 - The factors they include when choosing new markets

34.50 - How mentors have positively affected his career

37.30 - What are their biggest challenges going forward