Ike Kavas

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In this video you will hear...

0.45 - All about Ephesoft

2.35 - How he came up with the idea for Ephesoft

3.33 - How he took the step from a senior manager to starting his own company

4.40 - How he started everything with just $100 in his pocket

6.42 - The initial phases of business for Ephesoft

8.33 - Why he didn’t raise money for the initial startup, but brought in investors to scale once the business was successful

9.42 - Why he brought in a CEO in just the second year as the company started growing

11.45 - The process, and what he looked for when bringing in venture capitalists to scale his company

14.03 - The challenges he faces to continue to grow and scale

15.30 - How he identifies the top talent and how he attracts them to work for Ephesoft over other companies

17.40 - How he has created a culture at Ephesoft that attracts employees

19.30 - What others should know about scaling

22.43 - Where he got help and the relationship he has with mentors, including a CEO coach

26.20 - How he selects good board members, how he attracts them, and why this helps with growth

29.58 - Advice for upcoming entrepreneurs