Eric Waller

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In this video you will hear...

1.00 - How Eric got started.

3.30 - Why being dissatisfied with the status quo helped him in his career.

5.40 - How the Dilbert style of leadership moved him into the executive role.

6.40 - He left high school with a GED, but realized he needed to learn more.

8.37 - The Dynamic Work Design and efficiency concepts learned from MIT.

9.56 - How he grew his company rapidly in just a few months.

11.56 - How he managed the chaos of falling oil and gas prices.

14.27 - How he dealt with accounts payable when they had no money to pay.

16.35 - What changes he made that helped them survive and then thrive in a depressed market.

19.20 - The new workflow design that yielded more output for less effort.

24.50 - Why being flexible is critical in order to survive and prosper.

26.46 - The "Honcho Guru" system he designed that helped him with data.

28.00 - How he grew his company when his competitors were going out of business.

29.33 - How he deals with things he can't control.

31.08 - Why being an "Intrepreneur" can be better than being an entrepreneur.

35.38 - Why being a CEO is different...hint, it's not about you anymore.

37.20 - Why he is an entrepreneur and starts and runs other businesses.

38.50 - Why he started a tattoo shop.

40.12 - How to become a better leader and manager.