Doug Robinson

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In this video you will hear...

1.24 - Background of Legacy Solar and what attracted Doug to this industry

3.20 - Why partnerships were critical in propelling their incredible growth

4.44 - Designing a culture that helps with employee engagement and retention

5.18 - How he evolved, adapted and innovated to improve the customer experience

6.04 - How he went from direct sales to the CEO of Legacy Solar

9.32 - How he built a successful sales organization in different industries

13.40 - How relationships with their partners fit into the business model

15.35 - The different options Solar Legacy has to help customer acquisition 

18.20 - Evolving over time by adding new products

20.15 - How mentors have helped his journey

21.50 - How to find a mentor

23.50 - Why having discipline in a daily schedule is important

24.50 - The proprietary software they use that automates lead and sales acquisition

28.50 - The unique method he uses to motivate his sales force

30.08 - Why they have been voted “Best Company to Work For” three years in a row

32.00 - How “Breaking the Business” is their fuel for company growth

34.40 - Advice to young entrepreneurs