Don Wenner

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In this video you will hear...

0.40 - All about DLP Real Estate Capital

2.45 - How he started out with just a real estate licence in 2006

7.45 - How he guaranteed to buy homes if he couldn’t sell them

10.14 - How he raised funds for acquisitions with a private investment fund

13.55 - Why using local radio personalities as endorsers is a major marketing tactic

15.45 - How they used private investment funds to fuel growth

18.50 - Why vertical integration is their model and the other arms of the business they have built

21.20 - How he identifies vertically integrated companies to acquire with his “Elite  Execution System”

27.02 - How he has created a culture that has won awards for “Best Place to Work”

31.20 - How DLP attracts quality employees

36.44 - The structure of DLP Real Estate Capital...employees, management, executives, etc.

38.50 - How a voluntary “Company Book Club” helps with employee training, leadership and growth

41.50 - How mentors, mastermind groups, and organizations have helped along the way

45.00 - How you can get a free copy of his book