Chris Jaynes

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In this video you will hear...

1.18 - About Mersive Technologies

2.42 - How the idea for the software came about

4.18 - How he took the idea and created a successful business

7.19 - How they acquired grants and fundraising

10.25 - After going through fundraising, this is the one thing he would have done differently

11.10 - Why he hired a CEO early in the process

12.00 - The structure of the management team and organization

14.00 - Why embracing risk is part of the company’s culture

14.55 - How they choose their markets

19.43 - Advice for making decisions that are best for the company

21.55 - Where they get the new ideas that drive the business forward

24.25 - How they transition from innovation to revenue for new products

27.38 - How they decide resources for innovating new products or improving existing technologies

29.20 - The timeline and process it takes to get a new product to market

32.30 - How their employee structure is set up in the U.S. and around the world

33.00 - Their biggest challenge for future growth

35.34 - How he keeps his employees and management passionate and focused

37.40 - How he manages his work/life balance