Chris Edwards

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In this video you will hear...

2.50 - What is The Third Floor and how it got started

6.25 - The ‘Band of Brothers’ that formed The Third Floor, and how they proved naysayers wrong

10.10 - How the company was formed and how the founders divided up the responsibilities

13.35 - How they landed their first projects

16.50 - Investors, fundraising and a unique method of partnering with financiers for certain projects and keys to their success

21.16 - How they managed and structured their rapid scaling

26.48 - How they attract talented individuals in a competitive environment and why a special Intern program pays big dividends for them

33.38 - What drove the decisions to expand to London and Beijing and how this was accomplished

46.43 - Further growth opportunities they are exploring, and why

52.05 - Advice for entrepreneurs