Biju Nair

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In this video you will hear...

1.18 - What is Hyla Mobile

4.45 - After taking over as CEO, why he changed the business model and fueled growth

10.44 - Why diversifying was an important step

12.18 - How they expanded overseas

12.49 - How using their existing business model gave them the idea for a new product

14.58 - How they approached their investors when making changes to their business model

17.04 - Why they chose to build on existing channels and not acquisitions

19.50 - The reasons he divested of the company acquisitions made before he became CEO

23.30 - How he built up previous companies he had started

28.55 - Why he sold his previous companies even though they were very successful

31.10 - Patents, the process and how they monetize them...and how they use them to help with the company culture

35.25 - Mentors and how they have helped him throughout his entrepreneurial career

39.00 - How they find talented interns and the difference they make

39.55 - His best advice to budding entrepreneurs