Arturo Lomeli

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In this video you will hear...

1.10 - How Clase Azul Spirits got started

5.30 - How they price their Tequila from $100 all the way up to $30,000 a bottle

7.00 - Why he made the change from outsourcing to being vertically integrated

11.12 - How they have managed almost double their revenue each year

12.50 - How they attracted their biggest client

14.05 - Why they turned down a celebrity investment group

19.54 - Why he decided to go back and take total control of the company, costs, production, employees, etc.

21.55 - His biggest challenges for growth

24.03 - Why slow control growth is their philosophy

25.43 - The structure of the company, divisions, management and offices

27.23 - How his non-profit foundation fits in with Clase Azul Spirits

29.49 - How they choose their international markets

31.59 - Why he turned down $1 Billion offer to buy his company

35.25 - Who has given him good advice over the years

37.12 - Advice to other entrepreneurs

38.05 - The secret to their success